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>The Glamorous Life of a Writer… June 23, 2010

Posted by Elizabeth Schechter in annoying-muse-is-annoying, writing.

>Kidlet is engrossed in a movie, let’s see if I can get anywhere on the novel (the novel in question being House of Sable Locks).

(get to the right place in the document, stares at the scene for a few minutes…)


Grumble. Not now, Muse. Unless you want to remind me where this scene was going?

I’m bored with this one. Let’s do something new!

No, we have to finish this. Remember? Finish one project before we start another? Or we’ll get confused.

No, really! I have this great idea for the gaslight fantasy! C’mon, it’ll be great!

I haven’t even started the outline for that (that being Hidden Things). And it’s three down the list of projects. I have to finish this, and the next is Sea Prince. The outline is done on that, we just have to wait for Danielle to finish filming. Tell me the idea and I’ll make a note of it.

You’re no fun.

No, I’m not. Idea?

Not telling. And see how far you get on that scene.

You wouldn’t!


(stares at scene some more) Where was this going? Hey, Muse, where was this going?

I’m not at home right now. If you leave a message, I’ll get back to you. Or, you know, not….

(bangs head on keyboard.)



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