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>Since you asked so nicely… July 31, 2010

Posted by Elizabeth Schechter in Drum Mage, writing.

>Will there be more with Steven and Nick? If you haven’t yet read The Hand You’re Dealt, you might have no idea who I’m talking about. If you have, then you might be one of the people who’ve asked me that question. I’ve been asked this a couple of times since Like a Sacred Desire came out, so let me say it here and get it on the record.

Yes. There is a novel in the queue. The tentative title is Drum Mage, and it follows a year in the life of Steven, with some flashbacks that tell more about his past, the accident that took his sight, and how he and Nick came to be involved. There will be nine chapters, with one themed for each of the major Sabbats of the Wheel of the Year, and then one to wrap up the story. Essentially, you’ll be getting a year and a day.

Now, don’t go looking for this any time soon. It’s third down on my to-do list, after the revision I’m working on now (Princes of Air) and House of Sable Locks, which is much further along than Drum Mage. My writing time will be increasing in the next few weeks, so I hope that the writing will progress a little faster. Even with that, I don’t think we’ll see Drum Mage until 2011.

However, that won’t stop me from posting bits and pieces as I work on them. Just to keep your interest.



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