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>Funny thing, that… August 30, 2010

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>I have no idea why, but writing sex scenes seems to take me forever. I’ve been working on and around the same scene for days now, and I’ll finally finish it tonight. Only to have to jump into the next sex scene that I set up because I had skipped over THIS sex scene and continued writing, because I’m on deadline and refuse to be bogged down.

Sometimes, you just can’t win.

>I am an idiot… August 24, 2010

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>…who apparently can’t read a contract. And because of that, a reprint sale that I thought I made won’t be happening.


>Interview with Cecilia Tan August 16, 2010

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I have to admit, I’m floored. The flabber is completely ghasted. I’m going to be in a state of bemused SHOCK for the rest of the night. Because in that article, Cecilia Tan (owner of Circlet Press and my publisher) names me as one of the writers she looks forward to seeing in the slush pile.


>Wordcounts and Fickle Muses. August 13, 2010

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>The rewrite and expansion of Princes of Air goes apace. I’m into the second part — The Courtship of the Raven King. I thought that two parts would be all — until the fickle muse reared his head.

“You know there’s another story here, right?”

“Is there?”

“Sure. You just introduced this charioteer character, right?”

“Yeah. I was going to kill him off.”

“But he’s meant to be with xxxxxxx.”

“You know, I thought so. So he should survive?”

“Yeah. Let him live. So that you can torture him and xxxxxxx later.”

“Torture? Torture how?”

“Ever think about what might happen if someone who imprints on their mate the way these guys do decides that he’s not going along with it?”


So now there’s a third part to Princes of Air. Tentatively entitled In Tandem, but I’m not sure I like that title.  And if you’re playing the home game (and watching my word counts over there ——>), you’ve already seen that I’ve bumped the target for this book. I think I might just need it.

>Recap of the reading. August 8, 2010

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>Last night was the EroticBliss Party at Blissful Lotus, where I had the pleasure (and honor) of being the closing act. The evening went really well, and the place was packed! At one point, you couldn’t walk from the front of the store to the back without difficulty. Fantastic surreal art by Elizabeth Shupe (and she showed up dressed as a steampunk Lolita. VERY nice!), a grand reading by Liz Allen, and the amazing art of Perego, who did some literal perfomance art last night. First, he painted the model (literally, he painted ON the model). Then he painted a portrait of the painted model. He started with bare canvas, and ended with a complete painting. I am so completely in awe of artists who can do that. There was also a scary accurate tarot reader, a henna painter, and chocolate. (I was good. I didn’t eat much.)

By the time my reading came up, the crowd had thinned out, and I had the amazing sensation of having a completely quiet house while I read. Everyone giggled in the right places, and feedback was fantastic.

Now, what did I learn last night?

1 – Followup!
Because of a communications glitch, there were no CDs to be sold last night. The next time I do this, I MUST followup and make sure that all the i’s are dotted and the t’s are crossed. I did pass out cards with this URL so that people can get to the link. (Oh, if you’re here from the card? The book that Succubus appears in is Like Clockwork. It’s over there, about halfway down the page —->)

2 – Heels.
I am never, EVER wearing heels again! I wore my sandals out to Blissful Lotus because I can’t drive in heels. I put my heels on when I got there. And almost immediately realized that I haven’t worn any kind of heel in over five years! the heels lasted about half an hour, then I took them off and spent the rest of the night barefoot. (not the worst idea. The floor was cool, and that helped keep ME cool! It was WARM in there last night!)

3 – Spoons.
I am SO out of spoons right now! I actually kicked the husband and son out of the house this afternoon so I could have some alone time (and now I feel a little guilty. There’s a heckuva storm out there!) I have to remember to plan for recovery days after an event like this.

On the whole, had a grand time. Thanks to Blissful Lotus for inviting me!