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Hypocrites and idiots abound… April 29, 2011

Posted by Elizabeth Schechter in annoyance, hypocrites-and-idiots-abound.

By now, I think most people have heard about Judy Buranich, the high school English teacher who writes erotica under a penname, and who is being accused of everything up to and including pedophilia because of this. Personally, I think that the two women who are leading the charge against her are the fruit-loops here (one of whom admits to being a former student — wonder if Mrs. Buranich failed her or something?)

Something similar happened to me late last year. You see, I didn’t put the WHOLE story in that post. Later that same day, I was contacted by the school admins, who were FREAKING OUT about my talk. Despite the fact that the teachers told them that I said nothing untoward, and despite the fact that they had my website information and could have looked me up at any time, they had only just then looked at my blog and seen what exactly it was that I wrote. And they went ballistic. They were also not happy that I had the presence of mind to turn it around on them (You’ve had my information for a month. You’re only just looking at it now?) I’m lucky, thought. I don’t have a teaching career anymore that could have been jeopardized.

And now, today… there are groups now, over on LinkedIn. I found one for Authors and Writers, and I applied to join, sending them the requested information (professional credits and website). This morning, I was not only declined membership, I was blocked — I can’t even access the page anymore!

On the Groups site, the description of this group is: “This is a group for all serious and would-be Authors, Poets, and Writers, of all categories to mix, meet, and make friends.”

Really? I don’t think so.



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