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State of the writer July 31, 2011

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Two down, one more to go!

The synopsis for Drum Mage is complete, if a little wordy (5 pages, single spaced). I now know what happened and where I went wrong, and about two and a half chapters are coming out of what I’d already written. Not a problem, because there can be more from Steven and Nick, and one of those pulled chapters can be the first chapter of another book. It’s a good lead in. I just need to see what that book is about. Which will involve learning more about Boston. Good thing I know a bunch of people who live there.

Now the worldbuilding for Tales from the Arena is underway. I love worldbuilding — it’s so much FUN to figure out how everything works together in a culture, creating a social structure and a religion, working out the ins-and-outs of society. I’ve always been fascinated with cultural anthropology, so much so that I wanted to minor in gthe subject in college. (My advisor said no. For some reason, he thought that me having a double major was enough of a courseload.)

Once the worldbuilding is done, then I can write the two short stories that will help introduce the world to the potential writers  (Rise of the Ishkarin and Playing for Keeps). Then I can put together the proposal and we’ll see what happens.

Two weeks left in summer vacation, and the to-dos are almost all ta-das.



Crawling out from under the rock. July 21, 2011

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Oh, yeah. I have a blog.

Sorry. Been busy working on synopsi, doing worldbuilding and taking online classes. The Willow Sword synopsis is done. Drum Mage is almost done.  The worldbuilding for Tale from the Arena is started, and is going to be a lot of fun to flesh out. I might post some maps, if I can work out just how to get the GIMP to clean up my scanned drawings.

And these classes?  Are the number one reason I love the Romance Writers of America! Members of the RWA get free classes, taught by people who really know their stuff. This lovely website is courtesy of an RWA class. Right now, I’m taking one on Three-Act structure, which has really shown me where I need to work on Drum Mage.

So I’ve been plodding along, working on things, and trying not to think about the fact that we’re in the final countdown to two major milestones — the first day of kindergarten, and someone’s fifth birthday, both of which happen on the same day.

Just so you know, in three weeks, I’m going to be a BASKETCASE.

General updatiness. July 14, 2011

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Last night, I finished the synopsis on The Willow Sword. Oh, I cannot wait to write this one!!!

Two nights ago, I was invited (somewhat last minute) to an online book chat for Carnal Machines. The actual guest was D.L King, the editor, but when she found out I was online, she had me plug The House of Sable Locks. And she told the story about how the anthology is essentially all my fault, which was very cool.

Which reminds me that I don’t think I’ve told that story. I submitted The Succubus to D.L King for her Spank! anthology.  She loved it, but it wasn’t right for that book. So I get this email from her, basically saying “I love it, I want to use it. I’m going to pitch a steampunk anthology to Cleis, JUST SO I CAN PUBLISH THIS STORY. Is that okay with you?”

Um…. is the Emperor Palpatine Catholic?

So yeah, all my fault. And sitting on that news for MONTHS while she assembled the rest of that stellar anthology was sheer torture.

Now I’ll get back to work on Drum Mage, and figuring out where I went wrong and how to fix it. I have just about one month left in summer vacation, then I’ll get myself back to work!

The To-Do List with the Dragon Tattoo July 7, 2011

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I’m having fun coming up with title for these To-do list posts.

So I have done exactly no world-building for Tale from the Arena. Mostly because my muse is a brat. I have done rather a LOT of worldbuilding for The Willow Sword, the YA novel that I mentioned. And I’m working out the snags in Drum Mage (I wanted to say kinks, but if I worked out the kinks, the story will be kinda boring…)

So, here is the state of the Liz:

To Revise:

  • House of Sable Locks

To Proof:

  • Princes of Air

To Write:

  • Drum Mage
  • Tales from the Arena
  • The Willow Sword
  • Sea Prince (To be written with Danielle Jones)
  • Wanderer’s Moon (next book in the Midnight Moon series. Not to be done until we sell Nomad’s Moon)

To Outline

  • Coral Throne (sequel to Sea Prince)
  • Hidden Things (Mystere Book 1)
  • Blood and Gaslight (Mystere Book 2)
  • Ashes and Light (Mystere Book 3)
  • Tablets of Stone (Mystere Book 4)
  • Rainbow Wars (the teach-in idea. Definitely a  YA. And it needs a better title)

To Sell

  • Nomad’s Moon
  • Exile’s Moon
  • Silk Skin (short story)
  • House of Sable Locks

Princes of Air: The Blurb July 7, 2011

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Yesterday, someone asked for the cover blurb for Princes of Air. I don’t have the official blurb yet, but this is the one that I came up with for the query letter (have I mentioned I hate writing blurbs? And synopsi?)

Here ’tis, the unofficial blurb for Princes of Air:

Long ago, the Raven-Goddess Morrigan bore nine sons; each of them was gifted by their mother with the ability to change their shape and fly as ravens. Their mother charged them with the task of protecting the people of Eire, and gave them each a gift — the ability to recognize their one true mate.

Niall, the youngest of the nine, believes his mate lost forever, and discovers how wrong he is when he is taken captive by Arlaith, a power-mad woman who seeks to overthrow the High King. Arlaith’s plans unleash an ancient evil that threatens the people, the land itself, and any hope of happiness that Niall and his brothers might have.

The path to finding a mate isn’t always easy. The brothers soon discover that if they want to find the ones with whom they’ll spend the rest of forever, they’re going to need more than their mother’s gift — that is, assuming that they can manage to survive long enough to defeat an undead monster with a taste for immortal blood.

So, there’s a bit of a taste.  As we get closer to release date (and be sure I’ll let you know when that is!), I’ll get some excerpts up.

Princes of Air cover!!! July 6, 2011

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I woke up this morning to find the cover for Princes of Air in my inbox.

Oh, me… this is really real, isn’t it? That’s my name and everything!


ETA: I now know the name of the artist who did this truly amazing cover. He is Lorenz Hideyoshi Ruwwe, from Germany.  Go send him some love!!!