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New Music and inspiration August 16, 2011

Posted by Elizabeth Schechter in 2011 plans, Drum Mage, forthcoming works, music, Princes of Air, Sable Locks, Tales from the Arena, Uncategorized, writing.

So, I’m plugging along here. Page proofs for Princes of Air came in and went back out about two weeks ago, so that is coming closer to fruition. I think I’ve heard back from all the beta readers on House of Sable Locks, so now I’m going to start shopping that around. My son went back to school yesterday, and I’m slowly getting used to the fact that this house is QUIET when there isn’t a five-year-old running around.

I’m working on finishing my world-building for Tales from the Arena, and then I’m going to let that percolate a little while I get back into the right headspace for Drum Mage. Let me get the piece that is mostly done and needs the most saving out of the way first, right?  And since it is too quiet to work, I have Pandora on in the background. I love Pandora. Especially since they pull up stuff like THIS:

Needless to say, I’ve ordered all three of the CDs. This is going to be some GREAT writing music!!



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