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A most magnificent word January 30, 2012

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That word, today, is BENIGN.

Thank you all for your good wishes.

May I please have some boring now?

Beginnings of resolution January 26, 2012

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Finally had the biopsy this morning. Interesting procedure, this. I apparently have sooper speshul tits, and needed to have a very specialized biopsy — a Stereotactic breast biopsy,(which you can actually watch on youtube! Wish I’d known that beforehand!)

The anticipation was MUCH worse than the actual procedure. And now I’m sore, and I have an interesting hole in my breast.

And, more importantly, I’ll have an answer by Tuesday at the latest.

Really, this can stop anytime now… January 19, 2012

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Yesterday was just a FESTIVAL of suck.

To start off with, the biopsy that was supposed to be done. by the breast specialist that my GYN INSISTED I see? Yeah, she doesn’t do that kind of biopsy. So she’s sending me to the facility that the initial radiologist wanted to send me to in the first place, the one my GYN WOULD NOT LET ME GO TO BECAUSE I HAD TO SEE THE BREAST SPECIALIST!!!!!

Do I even have to say that my GYN is FIRED?

Then, when I got home and had my head clear enough to pay bills, I discovered that my business credit card was apparently skimmed. Probably at the gas station, one of the few times I used it to get gas.

And the damn thing is that they used it to order CREDIT REPORTS! Not even mine — THEIR OWN! Experian now has the card locked out of their system, and is looking into what happened. My card has been stopped and I’ll be getting a new one.

God DAMN can this be over now?

Darkness January 17, 2012

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Tomorrow, I will be joining in the internet blackout in protest of SOPA and PIPA. Please DO contact your representatives and tell them that these bills are dangerously ignorant and need to be stopped!

Better news January 16, 2012

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I’ve been very busy this weekend, and so haven’t had a chance to update. The fit that I pitched last week paid off, and Friday morning I received a call from a specialist, who will be performing a biopsy this coming Wednesday.

I could use a little boring right now… January 10, 2012

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I’ve decided that 2012 is more than likely going to be sacked within the next couple of weeks. And the medical community in Central Florida seems to be heavily influenced by the 1960s Batman.


Well, let’s just say that the first two weeks of this year have been a HELL of a lot more interesting than I could ever have wanted. And this is not interesting in a good way.

Being 40 (yes, there’s my real age out on the internet), I should have had a baseline mammogram done a couple of years ago. Only one problem with that idea. When you’re a nursing mother, NO ONE will do a baseline mammogram. They simply will not go near you. There’s absolutely NO reason not to. It’s perfectly safe. The only thing is that unless you drain the breast very well, it is harder to read the films. And, since it’s harder, they won’t do it.

So, I had my very first mammogram done on the 28th of December. The tech was very nice, and she pointed out that since I was a… greatly endowed female, the chances of my being called back in were pretty high. She told me that in this situation, 8 out of 10 women got called back in. Not a problem. So I was expecting it when I got the call that I needed to schedule another test.

I wasn’t expecting them to tell me that they wanted to do another test because they found something.

Yesterday, I had another mammogram. And an ultrasound. And… all they can tell me is that there is something there. The doctor is being very positive — there is an 80% chance that whatever this thing is is benign. It’s small, and the edges are well-defined and smooth. But, to be on the safe side, they want to do a needle biopsy.

That will happen sometime next week. (See where the Batman reference comes in? “Want to know what’s going to happen? Tune in NEXT WEEK!”)

Now, the first thing that ran through my mind when I got the news (last Wednesday) was the news about Boing Boing’s Xeni Jardin, who went in for her first ever mammogram at 30, and was diagnosed with breast cancer in the office the same day. Part of my brain is going “They didn’t keep her hanging two weeks. So what they found in me is probably nothing.”

Unfortunately, the freaking out part of my brain is a heck of a lot LOUDER than the logical part of my brain right now. And I’ve got a long week ahead of me. Good thing I sublimate really well — I’m gonna get a heck of a lot of writing done!

I’ll keep you all posted. And hey, if you’re past 35…. go get a mammogram.