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No Anaheim for me June 26, 2012

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Well, that’s the end. I won’t be starting over, because there isn’t enough time before Nationals. Thank you all to everyone who pitched in.

I’ll let you all know what happens with the award!

A Sale!!! June 19, 2012

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No, I didn’t sell anything new. The other kind of sale — on just about anything with my name on it through Circlet!

From the Circlet Newsletter:


Elizabeth Schechter’s novel, PRINCES OF AIR, is now on sale for 50% off, in honor of a nomination for Passionate Ink’s seventh annual Passionate Plume Awards! In addition, we’re offering $1 off EVERY book with an Elizabeth Schechter short story in it.

Elizabeth has begun an Indie GoGo campaign to try to raise the airfare to get to Anaheim, California for the awards ceremony for the Passionate Plume Awards at the Romance Writers of America conference. We encourage you to throw a few dollars her way, if you can spare it! This is a huge honor for her, and she truly deserves to be there.  Here’s the campaign!http://www.indiegogo.com/projects/120558

For 50% off PRINCES OF AIR, use the coupon code RAVENPRINCE at checkout. You can buy Princes of Air here: http://www.circlet.com/?p=3632

As for the coupon for $1 off for titles featuring Elizabeth, use JUNE2012 at checkout on any of the following titles:

Like a Cunning Plan: Erotic Trickster Tales (new!)
Like a Sacred Desire: Tales of Sex Magick
Apocalypse Sex: Love at the End of the World
Like a Prince: Gay Erotic Fairy Tales
Like Clockwork: Erotic Steampunk

These coupons will last a little longer than usual: until July 25, the date of the annual Romance Writers of America conference, when the awards will be announced.

Bent metal from a twisted mind… June 14, 2012

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Since I’m already TECHNICALLY doing a bake sale ($40 into the Indiegogo drive gets you cookies), I had to figure out what else do to to help raise money.

Did you all know I was also a jeweler? Or that I had an Etsy shop?

I’m running a sale there, to help raise money. Check it out! 20% off everything in the shop, until July 13th.

Anaheim or bust! June 12, 2012

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I just did something that I’ve never done before…

I set up a crowdsourcing project. If this works, I’ll be able to go to Anaheim to see Princes of Air (hopefully) win the Passionate Plume.

If not… no harm, no foul. I can at least say I tried.

And the good news keeps on coming! June 10, 2012

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I found out when I opened my email this morning that Princes of Air has finaled in the Passionate Plume contest — the published contest of the Passionate Ink chapter of the Romance Writers of America!

Oh… me…

This is a big deal for me. Not only is this contest judging the best of published erotica in the RWA… but Princes didn’t even make the cut last year, when I entered it as an unpublished manuscript in the Stroke of Midnight (the Passionate Ink unpublished contest).

Do I care if I win? I don’t think so. Finalling is a big enough deal for me! I’ll find out the end of July, though. (Now I really do wish I could go to Nationals! Can’t afford the trip to Anaheim, though.)

Addendum to that last posting June 8, 2012

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About a month ago, I heard from Circlet that Nobilis Reed, of the Nobilis Erotica podcast, was going to do an excerpt of Princes of Air sometime on the next month of so. They’d tell me when it went live.

It went live last week. (Oops!)

I have never heard my own words read by someone else. It is the most EXTRAORDINARY feeling! And he does a magnificent job of it.


Nobilis Erotica and Princes of Air June 8, 2012

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The Nobilis Erotica podcast reading of Princes of Air is live!!! 

It’s OUT! June 2, 2012

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Well, that’s a surprise! Although, given that this is a Trickster book, I shouldn’t be surprised at anything, I guess.

Like a Cunning Plan is now available for sale on Amazon!

Like a Cunning Plan cover June 1, 2012

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Here is the lovely cover for Like a Cunning Plan. I wonder what she’s up to?


Release Date! June 1, 2012

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I have been given a release date for Like a Cunning Plan, which includes my story Fools Rush In. That book will drop on the Circlet website (and at fine etailers everywhere — I hope), on JUNE 19th!!!

I like Fools Rush In — the main character sounds, in my head, like Bruce Campbell.

I’ll have the cover art up soon as a get a copy of the file. (For some reason, the first time I saw the cover was when I got the review copies in my email today. BTW, anyone want to review this?)