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A certain movie… October 28, 2013

Posted by Elizabeth Schechter in annoyance, bigotry, deep thoughts, easily amused writer, Ender's Game.
There’s a certain movie coming out, written by a certain Bigot. And I know a lot of people are conflicted about wanting to see it, but not wanting to support said Bigot.

So… here’s a suggestion. Go. Go see the movie. Enjoy it. (Let me know how it is. I’m not interested in going. I’m waiting for Thor and the next Hobbit movie.)

Then… donate the cost of your ticket to FCKH8, or some other QUILTBAG organization.

AND do it in HIS name.

If enough people do it, then his head just might explode…

Edited because it has been pointed out to me that one of the organizations I originally suggested isn’t as positive as I’d previously thought.


Finished October 25, 2013

Posted by Elizabeth Schechter in fandom, fanfic, Sherlock.
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Two years.

3 NOVELS worth of words.

I’ve lost track of how many fandoms.

And the epic is finished.

On His Brother-in-Law’s Secret Service started as Sherlock fanfic. Then… The Man from UNCLE sneaked in. Then Torchwood. And Buffy the Vampire Slayer. And Doctor Who. Then Cabin Pressure. And The Avengers. And X-Men. (and a very sneaky reference to two other fandoms, one that NO ONE caught until I outed the character, and the other than no one has called me on yet.)

Oh, and there are the side stories. Off the Main Sequence adds another 20K words to the story, and fill in some holes in the main storyline.

I can’t believe that this thing is done. Wow.

Now back to work on original stuff.

Crawls out from under a rock. October 25, 2013

Posted by Elizabeth Schechter in a-writers-life-is-never-dull, fandom, fanfic, I really want some dull, Sherlock, Tales from the Arena, to-dos.
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Yes, I know. It’s been a while. just about a month.

Busy month, healthwise. Apparently, I’ve run down the warranty on the meat puppet.

Since September 1st, I’ve been told:

  • I have bursitis in my right knee.
  • I have non-celiac gluten intolerance. (not quite celiac disease, but it behaves the same).
  • I have early stage arthritis in my right foot.
  • I also have tendinitis in my right foot.

The last two add up to this:












Which means that for the past week, I’ve been unable to do anything BUT sit.  (I can’t drive). So I’ve been writing. The fanfic epic is finally done (that’s another post), and I’m about to dive into a knitting project that MUST be done by next week.

What then? Well, I have a draft (Tales from the Arena)  that needs to be polished so I can send it out. That’s the next thing on my to-do list. I also have to decide what I’m doing with some other things.

So… may I please have some boring now?