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Excerpt: House of Sable Locks June 23, 2014

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Audible has provided me with a short excerpt of House of Sable Locks. So here, have a taste!

(Note: If it doesn’t work, just leave me a note here. I’m currently using the public library wifi, and it won’t let me check the link.)

Reviewer codes sent June 23, 2014

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I’ve used the random number generator and sent out the reviewer codes. If I have any others that I can send out after the contest is over (yes, there is  a contest for no-strings-attached codes), then I’ll send to people who didn’t get a code.

Contest!!! June 20, 2014

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All right! I’ll be giving away 5 redemption codes to my fans and followers. So check out the contest link!


Looking for reviewers June 19, 2014

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Anyone want to review an audiobook?

Here’s the deal — I have four audiobook redemption codes, and I’m looking for people to review _House of Sable Locks_.

You would agree to redeem the code for Sable Locks, and post a review within two weeks.

Any takers?


Aural Sex. June 18, 2014

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I just now got the email.

House of Sable Locks has gone live on Audible!

I have some redemption codes for free copies. As soon as I figure out how to run a contest, I’ll get it set up.



School days, school days… June 17, 2014

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…will mean something entirely different soon.

My newest novel, The School, has been acquired by Forbidden Fiction. Manuscript is delivered, contract is signed, edits will begin whenever they begin.

The School is a dark, post-apocalyptic fantasy, featuring my first ever Asexual character.* Very dark. REALLY dark. I went all in on the dark.** To the point that I had three beta readers back out when I warned them. Now, most of the time, I don’t know where the dark comes from. For this one, I do.

A year ago in December, my sister and her husband both caught that nasty flu. My sister ended up in the hospital, and I jumped on a plane and flew from Florida to North Carolina to help out with their daughters. Which involved taking the girls to church — three times in one day (Mass, rehearsals for the Christmas pageant for the younger, and religious education for the older one).

So, six times in one day, I passed the Stonewall Jackson Youth Development Center.

The history of this place is lurid at best. And not long after came the discovery of bodies at the Florida School for Boys. 

Add them both together, and you have The School.

“Be a good boy, or you’ll get sent to The School….”

* Yes. Erotic romance with an Ace hero. The research on this was interesting. I learned a lot.
** And you thought chapter 7 was bad dark…

Giddiness! June 5, 2014

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The countdown has begun! Today I got the word that House of Sable Locks has entered the production phase at Audible! Which means they’ve done the casting, and now they’re recording! (At least, I think that’s what it means.)

Now, I made suggestions for the casting, (include my “If I were Queen of the Universe and money was no object casting” — Tom Hiddleston and Emma Watson.)  But I don’t know who they went with (or if they went with a man or a woman, or both).  So I’m just going to hold on to the fantasy of Tom Hiddleston reading my words for a little while longer.