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Psst? Wanna free book? February 15, 2015

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Want a free book? Want to read stories that show that BDSM comes in more colors than gray? Check out samples from the leading authors of erotic BDSM fiction.

Available from Riverdale Ave. Press.

Google Books.

And All Romance Books.

And while that was happening February 12, 2015

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This was also happening.

New from me, and available tomorrow in all the virtual places…



In ancient times, when the Gods walked the world, the God of the Underworld kidnapped a girl named Persephone. He carried her off to the Realm of the Dead and through trickery, forced her to remain with him and become his Queen.

Everyone knows the story.

Or do they?

From Pagan Writers Press.

Focus? What’s that? February 12, 2015

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So, today, my husband and I were on our way to lunch. We’re sitting at a red light, waiting for the light to change.


We were rear-ended by the car behind us, and the woman who looked old enough to be God’s grandmother. She let her foot off the brake and rolled into us.

Cops were called. Information was exchanged. Tickets were issued — to God’s Granny, who was solely at fault. Insurance was called. For a fender bender, it’s a relatively innocuous one — the damage to my car is minor enough that it doesn’t even meet my deductible! God’s Granny has already been in contact with the body shop to pay for the repairs, which will happen next week.

But focus? There’s none of that in this house tonight!!!