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Putting ducks in a row November 28, 2015

Posted by Elizabeth Schechter in 2016 plans, Best laid plans, Best planned lays, queue, to-dos.

It’s been a while since I’ve done this. Like, well over a year. So I should put things on paper (err.. pixels) so that I have a checklist of what needs to be done in 2016

To Write:

    • Sins of the Father
    • Berlin  (Finish and retitle this) (Sable Locks, book 2)
    • The Willow Sword
    • Sea Prince

To Edit

    • Burden of Truth

To Outline

    • The Lady and the Sword (Mystere, Book 2)
    • Ashes and Light (Mystere, Book 3)
    • Tablets of Stone (Mystere Book 4)
    • Blood Bound
    • The Mentalist’s Cat
    • The White Raven
    • The Navigator (Steam and Screw, Book 1)
    • The Captain (Steam and Screw, Book 2)
    • Coral Throne (sequel to Sea Prince)
    • Rainbow Wars
    • Holy Orders (Sequel to Heart’s Master)
    • Men of Mortal Seeming (Sable Locks, book 3)

To Sell

    • Hidden Things
    • Holy Palmer’s Kiss
    • Sapphires and Gold
    • The Ice Raven


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