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So… this happened… December 18, 2016

Posted by Elizabeth Schechter in Eek!, Heart's Master, KermitArms, kvelling, mind blown, SQUEEE, yippee.
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I went to check on Heart’s Master this morning (because I’m a dork like that) and I found this:


It came out Thursday, and it’s broken the top 100 on Amazon for Gay Erotica. (It premiered at 154, I think.)




Interview! September 28, 2015

Posted by Elizabeth Schechter in Boosting the signal, conventions, Counsel of the Wicked, Eek!, heeheeheehee, interview, public displays of geekery, wow.

Late Saturday afternoon, I was interviewed by the lovely people from Hangin’ with Authors. The interview just went live on their YouTube page.

If I sound like a dork, don’t tell me, okay? Thanks.

So… here’s something new. November 6, 2013

Posted by Elizabeth Schechter in 2013 plans, Eek!, new books, Self-publishing, Tales from the Arena, upcoming books, upcoming work.
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New and interesting and something I never thought I would say.

I’m going to be self-publishing Tales from the Arena.

If I got the formatting done properly, I’ll get them uploaded tomorrow. If I haven’t done the formatting properly, then we’re looking at Monday or so. The Smashwords guide to formatting an ebook is very good… if you’re using Word.

I’m not using Word. I think that may very well be something I splurge on next year, though. Between not being able to do rtf format in Libreoffice without losing all formatting when I hit ‘save’, and now not being sure if I’ve done this right… yeah, might be worth it.

So… tune in here for more information, which I’ll be posting as I figure out what I’m doing  it becomes available!