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Almost… almost….! December 20, 2015

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Total words today:  2,715 words

Total words on Burden of Truth: Book Two of The Rebel Mage

You might notice I’m over. And I’m not done yet. There’s about a thousand words or so of wrap up, which I’m hoping to get done first thing tomorrow morning.

Draft by TOMORROW!

In the home stretch December 17, 2015

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With the exception of a field trip, our homeschooling is done until the new year. J. completed 4th grade math today, and did quite well on the (unannounced) EOC test that I gave him (for my own peace of mind. This homeschooling thing is new. I’m still not sure I’m doing it right).


  • 2 dozen molasses cookies


Total words today:  1,046 words

Total words on Burden of Truth: Book Two of The Rebel Mage


The To-Do List of Silk July 2, 2012

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I just finished reading that, by the by. The House of Silk by Anthony Horowitz is the first Sherlock Holmes novel authorized by the Conan Doyle Estate. A very credible job, and I enjoyed  it greatly.

So… it’s been a few months since I last updated the state of the writer. Not much is going on right now — my son is out of school, and my writing time is strictly curtailed. So, for the summer, I’m doing some fun writing (aka Sherlock fanfiction. Bringing that series to a close), and working out the outlines for Tales from the Arena and The Navigator (which I used to call Steam and Screw.)  I’m also planning on finishing From Dusk ’til Dawn, which I might need to break down and outline — a first for me, since I usually don’t outline a short piece.

Off the old list, Oh, Promise Me has found a home. Kidnapped by Pirates may have found a home . So might Sapphires and Gold. Got an agent call for Nomad’s Moon out of nowhere (two YEARS after initial query) but that went nowhere. Still waiting on a publisher who seemed interested in a seven books fantasy series (if they take it, I will be sending a thank you note to George RR Martin.)

And, the big news, Princes of Air was nominated for the Passionate Plume, a RWA award for erotic romance. I can’t be in Anaheim to see the awards ceremony, and I’m up against last year’s winner, so we’ll see what happens on the 26th. But, to celebrate, Circlet has put Princes on sale for the rest of the month — use the coupon code RAVENPRINCE over at Circlet to get a copy for half off.

So, on to the to-dos:

To Revise:

To Write:

  • The Willow Sword
  • From Dusk til Dawn
  • Sea Prince (To be written with Danielle Jones)

To Outline

  • Tales from the Arena
  • Coral Throne (sequel to Sea Prince)
  • Hidden Things (Mystere Book 1)
  • The Lady and the Sword (Mystere Book 2)
  • Ashes and Light (Mystere Book 3)
  • Tablets of Stone (Mystere Book 4)
  • Rainbow Wars (YA)
  • Holy Orders ( Sequel to Heart’s Master)
  • The Navigator

To Sell

  • Nomad’s Moon
  • Exile’s Moon
  • Sapphires and Gold
  • Kidnapped by Pirates
  • Heart’s Master

Sign my book? September 10, 2011

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So, almost all of my publishing credits to date have been in ebooks. Which makes it kind of hard to sign the book. I’ve heard of some enterprising readers who have people sign the removable covers for their e-readers, and then display the covers.

But now, there’s Kindlegraph. I just signed up today as an author. For readers, you can sign up, and search the database for the book you want signed. If it is there, you can request an autograph.  Once the author gets the request, they can digitally SIGN your ebook! (You get a pdf in email, consisting of a digitally signed image of the title page of your book.)

Pretty nifty.




>Back. March 15, 2011

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>Okay, I’ve been bad.

Well, I suppose that goes without saying, really. But I mean I’ve been lax about keeping the blog up. I haven’t posted anything since the shuttle launch, and Discovery came home last week.

I have been writing. I’m working on Sable Locks, and making inroads. Except now I’m at the hard chapter — the Flashback chapter. The chapter where we have a sixteen-year-old being emotionally and physically abused by someone who didn’t start out as a psychopath, but seems to have turned into one.

This is a very hard chapter to write, and not just because I have to keep it out of the “he’s legal for his time period” gray area. I don’t know of ANY erotica publishers who will run with a sexually abusive relationship between a sixteen-year-old and a seventeen-year-old that starts out with manipulation and goes straight into dub-con and torture.

And no, I really don’t want to know where the darkness in my skull comes from. I don’t. I’m not looking, and I suggest you don’t look too closely either. I’m a nice person. Really.

So, I’m writing, and the novel is over 50,000 words now (I have to update the ticky box). But this one chapter might drive me nuts before I’m done with it.

However, once I’ve finished it, the rest of the book will be smooth sailing.