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Reviewer codes sent June 23, 2014

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I’ve used the random number generator and sent out the reviewer codes. If I have any others that I can send out after the contest is over (yes, there is  a contest for no-strings-attached codes), then I’ll send to people who didn’t get a code.

An eventful day! April 16, 2014

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First, I found this fantastic review of both House of Sable Locks and Tales from the Arena: Opening Gambit. I particularly like the reference to the House as “a… Victorian BDSM Disneyland.”

Then… I found out that House of Sable Locks is a finalist for Best Bisexual Erotica in the Bisexual Book Awards!

(Is it petty for my second reaction to be “Take that, RITAs!”  Second reaction because my first was “Holy crap, I finalled!”)

Another top-notch review! January 21, 2014

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This morning brought another top-notch  review for Tales from the Arena: Opening Gambit. 4 out of 5 stars!

Thanks to the JeepDiva website, and to Eva, the reviewer!

First review of Tales from the Arena: Opening Gambit. December 30, 2013

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My dear friend Richard Raiment, all out of blue, contacted me the other day with this lovely review. It just went live on his Tumblr and his Blog.

He also let me know about the rather egregious typo that he caught when no one else did. Fixed that. So if you bought a copy already, you should check and see if the update is available to download on your platform. If it is not yet, hit the contact me  page, and I’ll make sure you get the update.

Well, now. That was quick… July 11, 2013

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The first review of House of Sable Locks went up on Tumblr this morning.

But today I ended up reading this entire book, the House of Sable Locks (link below, and in title)

In one sitting

Because I couldn’t stop

You NEED to read this. It’s $5. It’s insanely hot (Erotica, NSFW). It is a BDSM dark steampunk romance with a touch of Hannibal-esque horror (not eating people, but manipulation and emotional and physical abuse) about the Succubus, a room-sized Victorian clockwork automaton with a dark secret, and William, a young man with a troubled past who falls in love with her.

It has ROBOTS. It has BDSM, specifically FEMMEDOMS. EVERYWHERE. It is sexy and delightful and has a fantastic plot. 

Go read it. 

I think it is safe to say that they liked it.

A new review! November 19, 2012

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A new review, and the first review for Like a Cunning Plan… and the reviewer though that Fools Rush In was the best story in the anthology!

“My absolute favorite was Fools Rush In by Elizabeth Schecter. What a fantastical story! The author gives us a glimpse inside the mind of a thief trying to prove something. First that the impossible can be done and second that he is in control. My thoughts are still reeling from this story. It featured my the hottest sex scenes in my opinion. This story alone is worth the price of this collection, but the other stories are all well written and entertainingly sexy as well. Get this book and enjoy!”

I love reviews like this!!!

Bad Writer! No Writer Biscuit! October 8, 2012

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I think they’re going to take my membership in the writer guild away for this one. I dunno.  Because it occurs to me that I’ve been remiss in my writer duties.  As in… I kinda forgot to mention my newest release.

Fantastic Erotica came out last Thursday (the 4th), so I’m not too behind, but still… I should have been crowing like Chanticleer from the rooftops. This anthology was the one that people voted on the contents, and they voted to include my short story The Succubus as being one of the top twenty or so stories put out by Circlet Press since 2008.

The book has already been getting some great buzz. IO9 included it on their list of science fiction and fantasy books that should not be missed this fall, and Publishers Weekly gave it a starred review.

That is really kind of mindblowing for me. Succubus was only my second sale to Circlet, and the first one that ever saw publication. It was also the springboard for the novel that will be my next Circlet novel release — House of Sable Locks  (and is the prologue for that novel.) To have it included as a best of the best…. quite simply, it takes my breath away.

So, hopefully, this will make up for the fact that I completely spaced on reporting the release?

Another first! August 22, 2012

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Fantastic Erotica (coming soon to bookstores!) just got a STARRED review in Publishers Weekly!!!

Open Letter to the reviewer for JERR February 26, 2012

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Thank you for the lovely review. I just wanted to say that you are ABSOLUTELY right when you pointed out the one failing of the book.  There should have been a pronunciation guide. I swear, when I saw your review, there was a serious Homer Simpson moment — “D’OH!”

Of COURSE there should have been one, and I feel like a right idiot for not including it. If/when Princes of Air comes out in a print edition, I will make sure that there is a pronunciation guide included. I apologize for not thinking of it.


A new POA review! (spoilery) February 7, 2012

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A new review for Princes of Air, from Just Erotic Romance Reviews! (It is not up on their site yet — I saw it in the newsletter. I’ll link to it once it goes live).

The review is a little spoilery, but here’s the meat of it:

Princes of Air draws deeply on Irish legend to create an interlocking web of stories full of romance and danger. The stories
are each told by Niall, Diarmud, and Petran. Having sex described from a man’s point of view is surprisingly arousing!
Each of these stories contributes to a mythic tale, ensnaring the reader from the first page. The characters are believable,
heroic, and engaging. Elizabeth Schechter has crafted an epic tale of love, loss, battle, and happy endings. My only
complaint is the lack of an Irish pronunciation guide. Princes of Air earns a heartfelt recommendation and a place in my
“special treasures” pile.


(If you want to download the newsletter (the review is pages 36-37), here it is! JERR Newsletter Issue 189 – 02-05-12