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Focus? What’s that? February 12, 2015

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So, today, my husband and I were on our way to lunch. We’re sitting at a red light, waiting for the light to change.


We were rear-ended by the car behind us, and the woman who looked old enough to be God’s grandmother. She let her foot off the brake and rolled into us.

Cops were called. Information was exchanged. Tickets were issued — to God’s Granny, who was solely at fault. Insurance was called. For a fender bender, it’s a relatively innocuous one — the damage to my car is minor enough that it doesn’t even meet my deductible! God’s Granny has already been in contact with the body shop to pay for the repairs, which will happen next week.

But focus? There’s none of that in this house tonight!!!

New Year, New Novel! January 6, 2015

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Okay. Today’s the day.

The kiddo is back to school, the husband is back to work. I have a synopsis and everything is set in Scrivener. Look, I’m going to write the thing!

Hey… wait… what do you mean it’s 2:30???? But… I only wrote five words!


I don’t think that’s how it’s supposed to work.


Life is what happens when you’re busy making other plans. August 5, 2014

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Back in May, I had this to say about my plans for the summer workload:

Looking at the list, it looks like there will be work on short stories over the next week and a half, then synopsizing of Hidden Things over the summer (which is almost done — I was working on that when I got the “when can you have this to us?” email for The School).

I’ll need to see what’s broken in the synopsis of Holy Orders, but that can wait until I sell Heart’s Master.  And I need to go through The Sea Prince and see what’s holding me back on working on it. That, I think, will be my summer project after I finish the synopsis for Hidden Things. Then I can either launch right into working on finishing that in August, or shove it back to the back burner and work on The Willow Sword or Hidden Things. Probably Hidden Things, and leave the YA for my beginning of 2015 project.

Wow. Looks like I have a plan.

Boy, was I am optimist!!!

Short stories in a week and a half? Umm… no. I never did get to Wolf Skin. That plot seems to be headed more towards what will happen in The White Raven. So Lorchan (the MC) finally told me his story. I’ll get to it, eventually. It needs more research.

Berlin? That short story sequel to House of Sable Locks? Yeah…. 28K words and still not finished. Looks like I have a novella sequel on my hands. And I haven’t finished the synopsis to Hidden Things, either.

So… school starts this coming Monday. Which means that I’m going to finish Berlin over the next few days so I can launch right into Hidden Things come Monday morning, finishing the synopsis as I go.  (Because that worked so well with Heart’s Master… right.)

I have a revised plan. Let’s see how long before I have to revise it again.





Did it again… May 30, 2013

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I just realized that it’s been over a month since I last posted anything here. Not good, Writer. Not good at all.

Granted, it’s been a busy month. We had a road trip (four days travel, one day with family…. ummm. I think we did that wrong). We had recovery from said road-trip, and the upper respiratory infection that kept a certain small boy of my acquaintance out of school for a solid week. We had drama with one thing or another.

The one thing we did not have nearly enough of was writing. Because my wonderfully creative, wonderfully sadistic muse fed me a fantastic sub-plot for Tales from the Arena.  It’s good. I like it. A lot. It works perfectly in the story, and the synopsis still kinda sorta works, so I don’t need to figure out where the story will end. Just the parts between what I’ve written up to the point when that sub-plot came in, and the end. Which is mostly the same track. It is, in my mind, similar to walking across Manhattan by going down 57th Street instead of 53rd. You will still eventually end up in the East River, you just won’t see the same things along the way. 

But that means I’m not done yet.

I was supposed to be done YESTERDAY. The last day of school.

What this means is that I’ve given myself the new deadline of Friday the 7th. There WILL be a finished manuscript off to the beta readers on the 8th, or else. (Or else what, I’m not sure.)

I’ve also painted myself into an interesting corner. Tales has worked itself into the same model as Princes of Air — three intersecting parts. The interesting thing is that, while there are only five years between the second and third parts, between the first and the second parts? Forty years. So I’m thinking that I no longer have a long novel (I’m projecting 100K plus words when I call it a draft). Instead, I have a shorter novel, and a prequel novella of nearly 36,000 words. 36,000 words and some 70,000 words of BDSM erotica?  Not a bad thing to have, really. Much more manageable. And marketable.

And BOY, is this thing being fun to write! I’m getting to play with the “Okay, current kinky things… and what happens if I take it into the future? Oh… yes. That’s fun. Things like stim-play combined with conductive body paint…)

Yep. Can’t wait to see how this ends.

Which means I need to write it.

Back to work!






State of the Writer November 15, 2012

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And brother, am I in a state!

Boy, 2012 has been one LONG omnishamble (that’s the word of the year, if you didn’t know. I heard it on NPR yesterday. Loosely translated, it means something that’s gone wrong from beginning to end. In other work, a clusterf*ck).

Now, in order to explain where I’ve been, and why I’ve been largely ignoring this blog for over a month, we need to backtrack to the summer. When things went down in an interesting fashion at my husband’s work. He’s still employed, thank Bob, but from 1 August until 31 October, it was a rare week when my darling husband did NOT work at a minimum 50 hours a week. Sometimes 60. A few times 70.

At the same time, I started a day job. And my son started school, which includes required parental involvement as a school volunteer. Now, I don’t mind that. I volunteer in the library and they love me there. But honestly, for the past few months, time has been at a premium.

And writing? HA! I’ve been working on Sapphires and Gold for months, a novella that started life as a short story, and that my editor requested that I expand on. (Jenn, I will have it to you by the end of the year. I PROMISE!) I was planning on doing Nano, to finish The Willow Sword. Again, I say HA!

Add to that behavior issues for my son, school related issues not related to behavior, various illnesses and broken bits and the related doctor appointments , and one HELL of a car accident that totaled the car but did not damage the husband…

… and I suppose you can see how it would be kind to say that I’ve been just a little bit distracted.

Which is something like saying that water is a little damp, fire is warm, or the Himalayas are just a wee bit tall….

Now we’re coming up to the end of the year. And I’m trying to get control over whatever I can.  I tend to channel Marian, the Eyrian hearth witch from the Black Jewels series when I stress, so the house is almost spotless ( “This house will be CLEAN!” ) Almost because I have a small boy of my own, and one who I borrow 5 days a week.

Now, I need to get control over my writing, and over my diet.  I’ve been on a plateau, because when I stress, I find consolation with my good friends Ben and Jerry, and cleaning isn’t quite enough Activity Points to offset a pint of S’mores. We’ll see how that works on Saturday, when I weigh in.

And I need to get back in control of my writing. And so, for my first step in that direction, here’s my long-neglected to-do list:

To Revise:

To Write:

  • Sapphires and Gold
  • From Dusk ’til Dawn
  • The Willow Sword
  • Sea Prince (To be written with Danielle Jones)
  • Tales from the Arena
  • Wanderer’s Moon (next book in the Midnight Moon series. Not to be done until we sell Nomad’s Moon)

To Outline

  • The Navigator (Steam and Screw, Book 1)
  • The Captain (Steam and Screw, Book 2)
  • Coral Throne (sequel to Sea Prince)
  • Hidden Things (Mystere Book 1)
  • The Lady and the Sword (Mystere Book 2)
  • Ashes and Light (Mystere Book 3)
  • Tablets of Stone (Mystere Book 4)
  • Rainbow Wars (the teach-in idea. Definitely a  YA. And it needs a better title)
  • Holy Orders ( Sequel to Heart’s Master)
  • Temple of the Mysteries (maybe a shared world thing)

To Sell

  • Nomad’s Moon
  • Exile’s Moon
  • Heart’s Master
  • Kidnapped by Pirates
  • Holy Palmer’s Kiss

Quiet… January 18, 2011

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>I realize this morning that I’ve been very quiet in the blog recently. Part of that has been the holidays and the two weeks that my son had off from school that kept me from doing much writing of any kind. However, I know the truth…

I have a new fandom.

I am a somewhat… obsessive individual. When I fall into something, I fall HARD. And I tend to focus on it to the detriment of everything else. Usually, it takes a few weeks for the initial obsession to ease up enough that I can think about other things.

So, the timing is about right for me to be able to start to think about writing again. Because it’s been about six weeks since I fell in love with Sherlock.

If you don’t know, Sherlock is the new BBC adaptation of the Sherlock Holmes stories, updated to bring our favorite detective and his Boswell… er.. Blogger, Dr. John Watson, into the 21st century. There are three episodes to the first season, and they’ll be starting filming the second season in the spring.  The show stars Benedict Cumberbatch as Sherlock, and Martin “I’m-gonna-be-a-Hobbit” Freeman as Watson.

Now, Martin Freeman is the most adorable BAMF! ever. He is going to ROCK as Bilbo.

However, the one to steal the show is Ben Cumberbatch. Oh… boy….

He’s just… yeah. You have to watch the show to see. But I am a sucker for a deep voice, and one reviewer I’ve read said that Ben Cumberbatch sounds like a jaguar hiding inside a cello.

Trust me. TOTALLY worth six weeks obsession. But now I have to get back to work.

Soon as I finish looking at more pictures of Sherlock…